Tekil Hukuk Brosu

Corporate Law

  • Company Incorporation,
  • Capital Increase, Capital Decrease, Capital Replenishment,
  • Share Transfer,
  • Conversions / Merger & Acquisitions / Liquidation,
  • Corporate Maintenance: Preparation of BoD Resolutions, General Shareholders Meetings proceedings, Signature Circulars, Applications to official authorities, [e.g. General Directorate of Foreign Investment, Trade Registry, Ministry of Industry & Trade and others.]
  • Corporate Due Diligence.

Intellectual Property Law

  • Trademark, patent, industrial design registrations at the Turkish Patent Institute.
  • Preparation of License, Know-How, Trade Secret, Trademark / Patent / Industrial Design Assignment Agreements and registration of these agreements at the Turkish Patent Institute,�
  • Protection of Copyrights,
  • Prosecution of trademark, patent, industrial design infringement cases before the civil and penal courts.
  • IP Due Diligence.�

Labour Law

  • Preparation and legal review of Employment Contracts under the Turkish Labour Code.
  • Legal consulting on corporate labour strategy and all kinds of Labour Law matters (e.g.collective bargainings, lockouts, strikes, seniority allowance, annual vacation pays, early retirements, maternity, termination of employment contract, etc.).
  • Preparation of Internal Working Regulations in accordance with the company practices & policies, as well as the mandatory rules of the Turkish Labour Code.
  • Litigation services before the courts with regard to legal conflicts arised between employers and employees.

Internet Law

  • Legal consulting on domain name/ trademark conflicts, legal assistance in the determination of corporate/product domain name,
  • Preparation of E-Contracts,
  • Legal consulting on privacy and web site policies in accordance with the mandatory legal requirements,
  • Legal consulting on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet (e.g. Trademark infringements, copyrights, web designs, etc.)
  • Legal consulting and litigation services on existing and/or possible conflicts arisen from E-Commerce.

Contract Law

Preparation and/or legal examination of all kinds of agreements including but not limited to the following:�

  • Shareholders Agreements,
  • Joint Venture Agreements,
  • Sale Agreements,
  • Distribution Agreements,
  • Confidentiality Agreements,
  • Service Agreements,
  • Third Party Manufacturing Agreements,
  • Management Agreements,
  • Technical Assistance Agreements,
  • Leasing Agreements, etc.

Advertising & Media Law

  • Legal review/copy clearance of TV commercials, public announcements and all sorts of media advertising� materials in terms of compliance with local unfair competition regulations and Advertising Law requirements,
  • Representation of advertisers, advertising agencies, PR companies, retailers and service providers before the governmental authorities, and application to official authorities against third party's acts against applicable laws,
  • Resolution of third parties' complaints before the Advertising Self Regulatory Board and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Competition.

Real Estate Law

  • Legal examination of land register records.
  • Determination of contractual conditions with regards to immovable pledge, commercial mortgage and any other type of encumbrance on immovables; legal follow up of all official proceedings concerning the constitution or the foreclosure of immovable pledges.
  • Determination of contractual conditions with regards to immovable purchase-sale and legal follow up of all official purchase-sale proceedings before land registers.
  • Legal follow up of all kinds of registrations, statements, declarations and objections before land registers
  • Legal follow up of foreclosure and collection proceedings.�

Consumer Law

  • Legal review of announcements, advertisements, brochures, catalogues, product packages and labels in terms of their compliance with the consumer regulations in force.�
  • Legal consulting on the determination of consumer policies in accordance with the consumer rights.
  • Legal consulting on dispute settlement with consumers and follow up of all correspondences to be addressed to consumers and official authorities with respect to legal conflicts with consumers.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Legal follow up of all kinds of regulatory affairs before courts, ministries, land register, city governorship, municipality, trade register, regional directorate of labour and all other official and administrative authorities.