Tekil Hukuk Brosu

TEK�L LAW OFFICE is an independent commercial law firm based in Istanbul, providing legal consultancy and litigation services to corporate and private clients mainly in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Contract Law, Advertising & Media Law and Internet Law.

Our primary goal is to provide practical legal advice to our local and international clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As a boutique firm of lawyers, we focus on establishing an intensive contact with our clients by immersing ourselves in their business in order to understand their needs and create appropriate terms of business from a realistic perspective.�

Our vision is to provide our clients with the legal support they need during their business process in all aspects of law.

Our mission is to act as an ''integral support'' to protect our clients' legal rights and interests and to be ''proactive'' in order to inform our clients in respect of the legal matters that may interest their business. Therefore, we warn, advise, inform, and assist our clients with regard to all legal matters that may directly or indirectly affect the success of their business operations.� �

We personally dedicate ourselves to our client's needs and business. Our client's legal matters are always handled by experienced lawyers, and we fully and truly respect confidentiality.

Our service languages are: English, French, Turkish and Italian.